Live In The Atrium: THICK “Happy Now” Tour 2022 with Special Guests, SKATING POLLY and VIAL

Ages 16 and up
Wednesday, September 28
Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pm

Tickets $15 in Advance / $17 once doors open


Skating Polly is an American alternative rock band formed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, in 2009. The band was founded by multi-instrumentalist step-siblings Kelli Mayo (born March 29, 2000) and Peyton Bighorse (born July 11, 1995), who were just 9 and 14 years old when the band formed. The band is noted for its members alternating instruments, poetic lyrics, intense live shows, melodic arrangements and an eclectic array of songs that vary in style from riot grrrl to piano-based indie pop. Kelli and Peyton met after Kelli's father began dating Peyton's mother. The girls' families eventually moved in together and they began playing with various musical instruments that their parents owned. The band's first setup consisted of Peyton on drums and Kelli playing a basitar, a two-stringed bass instrument most notably used by novelty punk band The Presidents of the United States of America (band).