Live in the Atrium: Weege & Kruel Summer with Doah’s Daydream

Thursday, November 04
Doors: 8:30pm

$12 in advance / $15 at the door

Weege is a Northern Californian songwriting duo established by Greg Medeiros & Luigi Casaretto, but is also a nickname for Luigi Casaretto. Weege offers the perfect marriage of synth and organic Alternative Pop music fueled by Soft Rock nuances rooted by a deep respect for R&B, Pop and Hip-hop fundamentals. A name is important, but is also significant to understand the songwriters and their 14 years of music performance & songwriting experience. So please, don’t call it a comeback, they’ve been here for years. These two inadvertently helped pioneer a reviving reggae-rock scene in 2002 with the band 880 South simply by writing music they would want to listen to. They introduced the Floppy Rods in 1998 with their funk-pop infused styling’s and more recently with The Year. Like many bands the factors of time, creativity and frustration developed and with fatherhood weighing heavily on their minds, the risks were higher. Three band names and 15 members later they found that finding the right nucleus of cowriters was proving to be an abyss of work that restricted their ability to deliver to their fanbase. How can an artist create and earn a living without touring and consistent visibility? In today’s age of social media, Youtube, Facebook Spotify and Twitter the dream is reality and is co-driven by their longtime kinship with Manager, Entrepreneur and Founder of Dub Rock Records, Clev Stiles. Weege is designed to be as viral, nimble and accessible to all their fans as possible. Innovation and experimentation play a detrimental role in their songwriting. This enables the fan to obtain full access to the creative process including finished material, alternate demo versions, mixtape ideology and tons of viral website freebies. Recently they collaborated on a song titled “The Girls” on The Holdup’s album “Still Gold”. This lighter weight, no friction approach revives what was once strong in 880 South but actually helps them return to the fundamentals that their ideas were founded on. So why choose the name “Weege”? In the past, everything had been grassroots and every person that knew 880 South/FloppyRods knew the name Weege. Weege aligns well in your iPhone/Droid mixes with artists like Phoenix, Kanye West, Chromeo, Maroon 5, Kid Cudi, Cee Lo Green, Gotye, OK Go and Vampire Weekend. Songs such as “The Hook” can be the backdrop to your favorite romantic endeavors in life and “Excuses, Excuses” can even make you think twice about making bad love decisions. Consider this your first taste…