Live in the Atrium: Chester Watson & Akai Solo w/ ovrkast

Ages 16 and up
Sunday, September 26
Doors: 8:30pm

$14 in advance / $18 at the door

Akai is a rebellious hip hop artist from Brooklyn, New York who represents the individual and is the absolute opposite of the norm. Effortlessly dismembering beats with abstract lyrics and higher consciousness wordplay, he seeks to completely eradicate the barriers that separate people from each other. Hoping that as people listen to him be completely himself through his music it helps others be themselves in their daily lives. With such an adamant mindset in his approach complimented by his unique approach he ensures the fact he will be a heavy hitter in hip hop. Akai is also the leader of the rising collective artistic movement , "Tase Grip". He recently released the highly anticipated project entitled, "(D)ragon" which he says will, "begin the counter attack on the close minded."