Ages 16 and up
Saturday, March 04
Doors: 7pm Show: 8pm

Tickets $37 in advance / $45 once doors open


We are a four piece punk rock band from detroit. Book us!
Anti-Social started playing their brand of hardcore punk in 1986. Formed in Montebello Anti-Social was led by Charlie Cordova (bass & lead vocals) and Manny Cordova (guitar)with Gabriel Marquez on drums. With this three-piece line up the band started playing house parties as well as underground hall and warehouse shows around East L.A. and SGV In 1987 Gabriel Marquez decided to leave the band and word of this reach this up and coming drummer from the local scene named Armando Del Rio who joined the band after a few solid rehearsals. The line up went on to hit the punk scene throughout 1990 playing anywhere and everywhere they could with such acts like The Vandals, MDC, and even a little known band from Garden Grove called The Offspring. At this time the band had begun to record several demos that saw respectable sales at the bands shows as well as at several local independent record stores. Anti-Social has begun to garner a sizable following. In 1990 Del Rio left to pursue his ventures with some other projects. Manny and Charlie pushed forward with various other drummers for the next few years thanks to Richard Ramirez, Pat Cici, and Frank. Anti-Social continued to prove itself a force in the punk rock circuit until it's demise in 1994. 2004 had seen the return of Anti-Social with Manny, Charlie and Mando getting together for one off/reunion shows here and there with drummer Tim Baca filling the drum spot as well throughout the end of 2006. In 2007 the line-up of Manny and Charles Cordova and Tim Baca reunited to pick up where it had left off decades before playing several great shows and garnering great revues in local rags. The boys have since been giving stellar performances and have recorded a handful of old and new songs that can be heard in the bands live set. The material has been getting great responses and the band has made many new friends as they rip up the punk scene once again. The band has even begun to have a new recording of an old tune "Darkness in the World", get regular spins on KROQ's locals only specialty show. Not a bad way to get the ball rolling wouldn't you say? More recently the band's shows have continued the tradition of Anti-Social teaming up with such great acts as The Varukers, The Lurkers (U.K), old school acts like The Nip Drivers and Jody Fosters Army, and more modern acts like The Voids, just to name a few. The band has completed a new full length that will be released in 2016 that will include both old and new material. The current lineup is Charlie, Manny, and Chuck on drums who has been part of the Anti-Social family since its inception. In the meantime, do yourself the favor and catch Anti-Social the next time they are in your town. You will not be disappointed